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All the firewood comes from local sustainably managed woodlands or is the arising's from domestic tree work undertaken within the West Berkshire area. The wood is stored for over a year to season it, then cut and split to size before being delivered.

Fire wood is sold in loose cubic meters and is delivered to your property. If you require us to stack it as well there is a small extra charge dependant on the amount being delivered.


The kindling is locally sourced and ideal for lighting fires or BBQ's. Each bag should contain enough kindling to light 10 fires (depending on useage) and are easy to store.

Prices are: £4.50/bag or 4 for £15.00 including free delivery.


Another byproduct from tree work is woodchip. This is left to decompose naturally so that there is no green material left. It is ideal for spreading around flowers or along paths as a weed suppressant.

The mulch is different in shape and size than ornamental bark mulch (purchased from a garden centre) but is more sustainable and comes from a local source.

L Parker Tree Services uses this mulch around any new tree plantings as a weed suppressant and to retain moisture.

Contact us to discuss how much you require

Double Cab Pick Up

(Approx. 1m3)

Land Rover Tipper

(Approx. 2m3)










2017 Firewood prices are: